Cleaning Services

Cleaning Roofs

The damp climate in Ireland can cause problems on Roofs which over a period of time can affect the life of your roof.

The main problems are :

  • Moss, Lichen and Algae growth
  • Water retention by roof tiles can lead to damp areas
  • Moss can grow under the roof tiles lifting them and tiles may subsequently crack because of frost penetration.
  • Roofs may look unsightly, due to dirt and pollutants

Our softwash cleaning gets deep into the root of the problem killing the moss, lichen and algae. The product is a safe and bio-degradable chemical applied at low pressure so as not to damage the roof.

Softwash is the right way and most cost effective way of cleaning a roof. It is not recommended to power-wash roof as this may damage a roof loosing slates and tiles getting under them and damaging the felt underneath them. It can also damage the pointing on the ridges and this is particularly the case with old roofs. Also, power-washing does not kill the lichen and moss, like softwash does.

Softwash is a low pressure spraying of the product. It is the softwash product that does the work killing the moss and lichen on the roof. All of the work can generally be done from the eaves, not getting onto the roof itself. The roof will naturally return to the original roof appearance over a period of time and will last for a period of 3-5 years.